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About Us

Many of the products we use to clean our skin are not soap at all but are in fact chemical detergents and artificial ingredients. This harsh commercial soap causes very dry, rough, peeling and even cracking skin. We tend to blame it on the weather or our hormones without knowing the real reason behind our skin problems.

Handmade soap is very mild and gentle on skin it is made from natural oils, butters and other skin loving ingredients. In addition to that, handmade soap retains its natural glycerin keeping the skin soft, moisturized and healthy.

Our products are suitable for the most sensitive skin as they are enriched with the finest natural ingredients making them unique and luxurious.

We only use the highest quality of natural plant oils, vegetable butters, pure essential oil and safe premium body fragrances that we import from certified companies. We get our goat milk fresh from special Kuwaiti farms. We also grow our own herbs by ourselves such as Rosemary plant, Calendula and Rose flowers. Nothing artificial or chemical included. Our products are 100% natural & handmade.